The Art of Concert Going

Children are not born knowing how to be a part of an audience—it is a learned behavior. The following are some helpful hints to offer children a better experience:

  • Listen to a recording of the performer in small doses several weeks ahead of the concert so children are familiar with the music.

  • Children can be better participants if they have been to the restroom, are well-fed and rested.

  • Try to enter and exit the auditorium between songs, during applause. It is less distracting, not only to the audience but also to the performer.

  • For safety reasons it is important that dancing and movement be done in the space of your seat.

  • It is necessary to have at least one adult to every ten children in your group. Every group should have at least two adults--one to help with trips to the lobby or restroom.

  • Be considerate. If a child is not comfortable with the experience, it would be appropriate to leave and not disturb the rest of the audience.

  • Children may not appear to be actively engaged in the music, however, they are participating through observation and will probably be able to do a “play by play” the next day.

  • Buying a recording at a concert is a way to relive the experience. You might also have an opportunity to have it autographed!

  • Concert going can be a positive way to spend time together developing a lifetime interest in the arts.

--by Heidi Thumlert

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